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Ja Rule Leave His Wife For A Man

December 5th, 2013 | by Elite
Ja Rule Leave His Wife For A Man
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The internet has been awash with a story today relating to Ja Rule. Website Cream BMP Daily has been reporting that Ja Rule has left his wife and children for another….The story which is being reported is laid out below.
Rapper Ja Rule has alledgedly left his wife of 10 years for a man he met while in prison. Ja Rules wife goes on to say, “He wrote all them love songs and still don’t know how to treat a b*tch” Aisha Atkin’s the rapper’s wife said in an opening statement during her MTV exclusive “Married Life After Prison” set to air later this month.

“We spent 10 plus years building our marriage but it only took him two to decide he’d rather suck a d*ck than be with his wife” Ja Rule was sentenced to two years in jail for a gun charge and released earlier in 2013 when he presumably returned to life with his family, but according to Aisha that is simply not the case. “He returned home alright; To get his shit and leave” She claims that Ja Rule real name Jeffery Atkins simply told her that he was sleeping with his personal trainer and not until later did she find out that not only was he a man, but also his former prison cell mate. Aisha admits that she hopes this is just a phase, but is now convinced that the whole 50 cent thing was not just a silly rap feud, but more than likely a crush.



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